Envelope Inserts

63% prefer to read a printed document
over a digital version

62% prefer a physical welcome pack over 23% who prefer digital

If combined with mail response rates increase to 25% for direct mail

13% more consumers visited a sender's website when including mail in the mix

Power up your customer's experience
with mail...

Stop doing your direct mail campaigns separate to your door drops. You have an opportunity with iMail print to send both of these pieces of media at the same time, boosting your activity.

Combining these two channels into one campaign will turn transactional mail into a revenue generator. It will enhance your direct mail, giving you the ability to share more information regarding extras and add-ons via one mailing cost..

Creating a campaign that brings these two channels together, will save you money and increase the number of recipients that engage with your product/service, resulting in a flourishing ROI.

We support various envelope sizes, so please get in touch to find out more about the power of combined direct marketing.

Leaflets & flyers are revisited 3.6 times.

Enclosing extra media within your addressed mail is the cheapest way to add value, enhancing your communications.

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